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A brake booster is a device that helps amplify the force applied to the brake pedal by the driver. It’s designed to make it easier for the driver to apply the brakes and to reduce the amount of force needed to stop the vehicle.
Brake boosters are typically found in vehicles with power brakes. Without a brake booster, the driver would need to apply much more force to the brake pedal to slow down or stop the vehicle. The brake booster uses vacuum pressure from the engine to increase the force applied to the brakes.
When the driver presses the brake pedal, the booster creates a vacuum that multiplies the force the driver applies. The increased force is then transmitted to the master cylinder, which in turn applies hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers or drums, causing the vehicle to slow down or stop.
There are several types of brake boosters, including vacuum boosters, hydraulic boosters, and electro-hydraulic boosters. Vacuum boosters are the most common type and are used in most passenger vehicles. Hydraulic boosters are typically found in larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses. Electro-hydraulic boosters are a newer type of brake booster that use electronic sensors and hydraulic pressure to amplify the force applied to the brake pedal.
It’s important to maintain the brake booster and ensure it’s functioning properly, as a malfunctioning brake booster can lead to reduced braking performance and increased stopping distances.

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Our Brake Boosters offer you the following benefits:
Original equipment (OE) quality
Wide range of single and tandem Brake Boosters
Brake Boosters have a very simple function: they’re designed to make it easier for drivers to push the brake pedal of their car using a vacuum assist system.Most modern cars have disc brakes,especially on the front wheels,which means they need power brakes and,therefore,a brake booster,to multiply the braking force.Not only cars with disc brakes use brake boosters,they are also widely used in vehicle with drum brake systems,to ensure safety without compromise.
With a collection of single and tandem Brake Boosters,we can cover a wide range of vehicle types,allowing you to deliver unbeatable levels of safety to the maximum number of drivers.

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Warranty:1 year/30,000km
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